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Technical fabrics, Italian productions and the unique aesthetic line characterize the clothing lines E9 2017

12 April 2017
E9 renews its line of outdoor products remaining faithful to business ethics that can overcome all difficulties.

Mauro Calibani and his team had to overcome difficult times, both for the damage caused by the telluric movement that since the summer of 2016 hit the region of Marche, both for snowfalls this winter have created great inconvenience throughout central Italy . Despite this E9 continued his work, focusing technical innovation of its products and promoting local industry, showing that doing business remains tied to its territory is possible. A strong ethics choice that will accompany E9 throughout 2017.

E9 in the collection Fall-Winter 2017, in addition to colored cotton line, inserts in the range of its various products technical textiles, breathable and quick dry, knitwear, trousers and jackets in men, women and children. These fabrics will extend the range of outdoor-climbing usage already established the Italian clothing line. E9 continues to maintain production in Italian territory, a decision supported by an ethical choice, although more complex to support. The intent is to support the Marche economy, within which the productions are localized, and also to ensure a good quality level of production of the garments.

Despite repeated and heavy inconvenience caused to the whole area from the impending swarm, started in August 2016 that caused E9 also structural damage, as well as extraordinary snowfalls that interrupted electricity for several days, the company with its production entourage hold on, but still managed fortunately to best reach the set production targets of the Spring-Summer 2017 collection.

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